Fiberglass Repair and Refinishing

We’re the Fiberglass Repair Experts

Autobody 2000 performs fiberglass repair and refinishing in the St. Joseph, MN area. Our experienced technicians have worked extensively on fiberglass for cars, trucks, and boats, addressing everything from cracks to fiberglass panel replacement. Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, received storm damage or simply needs cosmetic attention, one of our fiberglass experts would be happy to speak with you and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for our services.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone with Your Fiberglass Needs

Many modern vehicle body parts are manufactured from fiberglass, including the front bumper, rear bumper, door panels, and more. The benefit of fiberglass is that is it light, strong and somewhat flexible, which is ideal for certain areas of automobiles, such as body panels. However, for both cosmetic and safety reasons, repairing or replacing damaged fiberglass is something best left to a professional shop like Autobody 2000.

We Know Fiberglass

We’ll make certain the fiberglass we replace on your boat or vehicle is a high-quality product that is installed with industry recommended techniques. We are also experienced in fiberglass refinishing, including buffing, painting and sealing. When you’re looking a shop to restore your vehicle’s fiberglass to like-new condition, contact Autobody 2000. We’re not the biggest, just the best!


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